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3 Reasons for Using Shopify To Sell Tickets on Facebook

As an event promoter or manager, you desire to reach out to a large number of audiences. You are not looking on to hold an event that only less than 50 people will attend. Such attendance will be a costly one. In this regard, you turn to sell tickets online. The internet allows you to reach to a large audience within a short period. Also, the option helps enhance the convenience of potential attendees to buy tickets.

However, the effectiveness of your strategy lies on the ability to focus on channels where the audience spends their time. Facebook is one place where you can get a significant audience. You can easily promote your tickets for free or through the paid ads. But Facebook alone will not be effective. Here is why you need a Shopify Facebook store for selling tickets online:


Target a wider audience with a simple check out process

No doubt. Facebook leads other social media platforms in the number of users. It has more than 2 billion monthly active users. As an event promoter, you cannot ignore this number if you want to have a significant attendance at your concerts, conferences, or parties. Facebook is an essential tool for you to realize your ticket sales goals. On the other hand, Shopify is the kingmaker in the e-commerce arena. Your business will prosper when you combine the two options.

A Shopify Facebook store offers you the power of the two platforms. It allows your audience to buy your tickets as they proceed with their social engagements. Hence, you enhance their ticket buying convenience which boosts your sales.

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Ability to personalize and offer immediate feedback to customers

In this era, personalization is the secret of driving recurrent sales and retaining customers. As an event promoter or manager, you have a role of personalizing your shopping experiences. You must serve each customer according to their likes and preferences. Shopify Facebook store enables you to realize this objective.

The combination helps you to personalize your customer experience through Facebook messenger engagement. Your target attendees do not have to leave their messenger chats to visit your online store. They can purchase your tickets right from their messengers. Also, you can offer personalized discounts. This way, you harness your online ticketing and provide the best customer experience.


Final thoughts

In summary, having a Shopify Facebook store as an event promoter, planner, or manager is a good idea. The store allows you to reach out to a broader audience on places they spend their time. This way, you enhance their convenience to buy your tickets. Also, the option presents an opportunity to engage with your targets in your fan page. The fans work with you to make your events go viral. Lastly, it enables you to use Facebook messenger to harness your customers’ shopping experience.  

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